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Ray Mallonee

Testimony of Ray Mallonee 

I am disabled.  I found myself homeless when I wasn’t able to pay my rent, utilities, and money for personal needs.  I was scheduled to go into assisted living but there was about a two week gap between the time I lost my apartment and the time I was to be going into assisted living, so I found myself homeless and on the street.  After a few calls, a friend called Living Water Rescue Mission in York, Nebraska and they agreed to take me in and help me.  They gave me a warm bed, a place to shower and wash my clothes, and fed me three times a day.  

But the rescue mission has done so much more than take care of my physical needs, they also ministered to my spiritual needs.  Between the two Bible studies each day and the fellowship I received, it felt like I was more at a spiritual retreat than a rescue mission.  I will never forget what the rescue mission did for me when I needed them.  But that is the way God is, He is always there waiting for us no matter what the need is, we may not always get what we think we need.  But I know everything works to good to those who love Christ.  Thank you, Living Water, for being there when I needed you.