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Feinstein Challenge


For Immediate Release

2013 16th Annual $1 Million Giveaway To Fight Hunger

For the 16 consecutive year, Alan Shawn Feinstein, intends to support hunger fighting charitable organization nationwide for a total of $1 million. Mr. Feinstein hopes that this proposed charitable gift will help the organizations raise funds this March and April.

Organizations should simply inform potential donors (and their local religious houses of worship, schools, and businesses) that the more donations they receive – from March 1st to April 30lh– the more Feinstein challenge money they may get. Many agencies featuring this news in their mailing and telephone solicitations in past years have increased their donations two or three times their usual returns for this time of the year.

Only donations or pledges received from March lsl to April 30″ should be counted for the Feinstein challenge. These donations include monetary as well as in-kind charitable gifts, such as food items (valued at $1.00 per item or pound) or pledges, as long as they were obtained ONLY from use of our challenge.

Participating charitable organizations should send in the enclosed reporting sheet, showing how much they raised from March lsl to April 30*, 2013 from use of our challenge only, WITH copies of any publicity they received about it AND their mailing piece(s) featuring our challenge, plus a copy of their IRS recognition of tax-exemption as a 501(c)(3) public charity or supporting documentation of their affiliation with such a public charity—all sent by regular mail in one envelope postmarked May Is‘ to May 12*, 2013 only, to: The Feinstein Foundation, 37 Alhambra Circle, Cranston, RI 02905. Nothing else is required. Please keep a record of what you raised from use of our challenge, and from whom, should verification be requested!

It is our intention to proportionately divide $1,000,000 in grants among the charitable organizations complying with the requirements above. Typically the minimum amount a charitable organization will receive is a grant of $250 and the maximum is $35,000. The grant checks will be mailed by August.

Feinstein’s past annual spring $1 million challenges to fight hunger have raised over $1.5 Billion for hunger-fighting charitable organizations and religious houses of worship nationwide that help the needy. Organizations should tell their donors that donations connected to this campaign makes them a part of one of the most successful ongoing efforts ever to fight hunger, which is something we can all take pride in .

A full report of the results of the 2013 Challenge will be posted on our website in July.


Alan Shawn Feinstein 37 Alhambra Circle Cranston, RJ 02905


Please use MY money to help your neighbors in need!

My name is Alan Shawn Feinstein. For the past 15 years, I have been giving away $1 million each year to anti-hunger agencies throughout the country.


This year, I am doing it again…





Why am I doing this? Because I believe each of us was put here on earth to do what we can to help those in need. You got this letter because we feel that YOU believe that, too.

My money started this campaign but it is YOU who will help decide how many needy people in your city or town will be fed this year. All that will matter to us someday is what we did while we were here to help those who needed us.

This has become the greatest grass roots campaign ever to fight hunger in our country. Your donation makes you a partner in it with me!



We Are Needed Now!

Please give whatever you can -I will gladly add some of my money to yours.                                                                                                                                                                                                     (My $1 million will be divided proportionately in full among the agencies receiving donations toward my offer.)

Thank you for sharing my heart, and the hope that—someday—no one will ever go hungry.

Sincerely Yours,         

Alan Shawn Feinstein