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Chaplain Don “Hawk” Cramer

Testimony of an Eagle Named Hawk

I didn’t really begin to live until December of 2001. It was then, on a night, a decision had to be made. A decision that would set my feet on one of two paths.  All though I didn’t know for sure what may be happening at the moment, I was aware as to what I was to do, or not do. We were all in the same point of time, God, satan and myself. I believe with all my heart that this was the night that my life began.

 My choices were these:

Listen to the wicked one, who was telling me that there was no hope for me and that there never will be. I was a drunkard and a drug addict and that would never change. No hope, no hope, no hope. Which by the way I listened to this voice most of my life, or……

 Listen to a voice that I myself didn’t recognize but my spirit did, for it was the voice of  its creator. This voice spoke of help for me and when I heard it I knew who it was speaking. He spoke simply this ,“ I can help.”

  This all came together when satan was attempting to put out a flicker of light in me, which he must have recognized and decided to take care of that. I was attempting to escape the two chains that have always held me in his kingdom. Where there is no light only darkness. No life only death. These two chains were drugs and alcohol and they kept me a slave and completely lost, while being blinded to who I really was.

  I was at a point in my life where I had never been. For the first time in my life I really knew that I needed something that I could not do myself. This was new for me because I have always believed I could do anything, no matter what it was. This was a lie of course, if it was the truth, then I would have been able to deliver myself from the grip satan had on me. I delivered myself alright,

but into the wrong hands. That night I decided to trust the voice which spoke of help and hope. The decision was made and I found myself on my knees praying to the Lord Jesus Christ. I wasn’t sure about anything, only crying out,” I hear they call you Jesus and you help people and I need your help now. “

 This testimony is to Honor and Glory and Praise of my Lord Jesus Christ. He and only He could supply the only thing that could set me free and that was His Love. He will do the same for anyone who will call out His name and come to your rescue to save you from yourself and deliver you from the one who is out to kill you. I have asked the Lord to bless whoever may read this and shed His Light and Truth upon your heart. Amen.

  Your Brother in Christ,

 Don “ Hawk “ Cramer